Everything in life is linked. Whenever you are synchronized with something you truly want, you are more likely to meet that thing. It’s why people meet “accidentally.”

Believe us! You’re here for a reason.

Jan and I (Natalia) met “accidentally” online 6 years ago! No, not on a dating site. We met on CouchSurfing, an online platform for travellers that crash on each other’s couches for free while traveling the world – the free AirBnB. Yes, we’re both big travel buffs and flexibility is one of our big values.

I was looking for a partner in crime for my new crazy documentary series called “Roads Less Traveled,” a show about people living unconventional lifestyles. It just happened that Jan moved to Toronto a week after I posted in the forum, we met and hit it off right away! 

What happened next is an amazing journey meeting people who didn’t give a sh!t that they were the first to try something new – from living off the grid, insides a yurt to growing all your food in your backyard.

Fast forward to 2012, the year of ancient Maya prophesying the world’s end. By stroke of luck I end up at Burningman in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Burningman is unexplainable. Really -just google it and you’ll understand why you now have to add it to your bucket list. You’re welcome!

While meditating in the temple I received a message from the universe. The message is clear, start a company and help people make an impact with what you know! At the time, I was still working for a creative agency as a Creative Video Director.

Enlightened I convinced Jan (didn’t take much convincing) to join me on this crazy journey! We started BIG3 Video Agency Inc. and the fun began!

Because we met under unconventional circumstances, following traditional business rules fired back in our faces. Ouch!

We initially thought we had to look to corporate to attract big clients – after all that’s where everyone told us the money was. And we did, but we were NOT HAPPY.

Until one day in September of 2015. We were pitching our stuff to a big advertising agency which worked with many big brands hoping to sign them on as a client. By then we had a great portfolio of work built up which we were proud of.

The agency told us our work sucked. Ouch!

When we asked why, the Creative Director simply stated because it’s raw and immature. We found it funny because that very same work “Bride Pops the Question” produced for our client “Sticker You” was their best performing social media ad of all times. It had over 1.2 million views, 3.2 K Likes and 414 comments. Twat!

We discovered something that day. We realized we’re hanging out with the wrong crowd. A crowd that does not understand us, puts us down instead of building us up! We made a decision that day to never ever become “that kind” of an advertising agency. So inspired by this incident, we went to the drawing board and pulled out our values. The values that attracted us to each other in the first place through the Roads Less Traveled project.


We decided to be the best damn advertising agency for our kind of people, people just like us – smart, ambitious, motivated trailblazers who want to make an impact in this world and have fun doing it. We understand your fears, your struggles, magic moments, insecurities, crazy thoughts and bold moves because they are our own.

Big3 Video’s raison d’être is to make video fun and approachable for entrepreneurs with personal brands who cringe at the thought of video marketing or being in front of a camera. In fact, you can expect us to show up at a meeting wearing hot pink wigs or wielding a plastic light saber! Remember the force is with you.

We met for a reason and we’re super excited to be part of your kick ass journey to success.

We’re ready to explore that. Are you?


Our mission is to bring out your best, make the world more fun, have a very flexible lifestyle and lead an extraordinary life!

Natalia Kantor - Big3 Video Agency

Natalia Kantor (Creative Director)

When you first meet Natalia, it’s easy to mistake her for a super hero. There’s no hiding from her laser like vision. No matter who you are, she has an uncanny ability to see past all your masks right to your heart centre. She’ll take you on a video journey of self-discovery. With love & compassion she’ll peel off layer after layer of inhibition and pull out your true essence. Then using her creative genius she’ll show how amazing you are to the rest of the world.

A memorable onscreen presence comes from being comfortable with oneself, a bit of silliness, playing with costumes and props, lots of creative camaraderie, and taking life a little less seriously!

Weird Facts About Natalia

  • Her Super Hero name is Bubbles
  • She experienced what some may call a “Spiritual Awakening” in 2006
  • Met the love of her life in the middle of the Black Rock Desert at Burningman after she had a dream about it – yeah weird!

Jan Keck (Video Magician)

When the doorbell rings, don’t be surprised to find Jan there holding balloons and a party horn ready to make your day better. He’ll catch you off guard with his unique and quirky sense of humour that he brings to everything he does. Fun is his secret weapon and he uses it to break down all your walls of nervousness and doubt. He gives you permission to be silly and with a fun loving approach, let’s you relax and be yourself.

But don’t let his silliness fool you! He comes armed with industry leading video techniques ready to capture your authentic self on film. After all he’s got a German engineering degree.

Weird Facts About Jan

  • He used to have really long dreadlocks that he grew for 8 years before cutting them off as part of Movember
  • The place where he feels most alive is out in the backcountry – away from the city, the noise, the pollution – making fire and camping under the stars
  • His wife cooks with crickets, mealworms and ants, so now he claims he has become an edible insect connaisseur